Jul 30 2014

Jul 25 2014
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Cat Scan

Last night I bumped into the ex-wife of the guy who lives next door. She told me he has terminal brain cancer and asked if I wanted his cat!

Jul 10 2014
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Violent Femmes and 311 at Common Ground Festival in Lansing, MI.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere at Common Ground Music Festival tonight. This is their 15th year, so clearly they’ve got it down, and it shows: well-organized; reasonably-priced; nice venue; great sound. It’s a long time since I’ve enjoyed a large scale, multi-band performance that much.

Jul 09 2014
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Digital Deviations

Anyone who’s known me for any length of time will know that I’ve never been able to straighten either of my little fingers. My sister (the youngest sibling) and I (the eldest) both have the same issue, although it skipped our brother completely.

It’s not painful, and - with the exception of precluding me from a career as a guitarist - it’s never really interfered with daily life, but I’ve done some research on the condition several times over the years.

I’m reasonably convinced (self-diagnosed) it’s Dupuytren’s Contracture, or “the curse of the MacCrimmons” as the Scotts have referred to the flexed fingers of adult male bagpipers since the 15th century.

I’ve found a perverse pride in my assumed Viking heritage, but none so much as today when I discovered the “International Dupuytren Society" whose logo is basically "The Shocker”!

Jul 02 2014
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Spotted this juxtaposition of colors on Plainfield, near the Saz… sorry, Rezervoir last night.

Spotted this juxtaposition of colors on Plainfield, near the Saz… sorry, Rezervoir last night.

Jul 02 2014
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I’m listening to “Torch Song”, the new album by Radiator Hospital (official release date September 1st, 2014). I’ve heard a few of these songs live, and “Cut Your Bangs" is already a favorite.

Can’t see the player? Check out the new album from Radiator Hospital on Bandcamp.

Jun 29 2014
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Jun 28 2014
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Jun 26 2014
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Work-related “get to know me” questions

Fulton St. and I from the roof of The Factory
The Elevator Up blog has been featuring team members in our Get to Know Us series. I’ve narrowly-avoided interview thus far but my turn is inevitable, and these are the kind of questions I’ll be asked:

  • What made you interested in web development?
  • How did you hear about Elevator Up?
  • What do you like most about working at Elevator Up?
  • Who would you say your biggest career influence has been?
  • What accomplishments are you most proud of?
  • What advice would you give to a new web developer?
  • Most exciting thing that’s happened to you this year so far?
I don’t have good answers for several of those questions (and to be honest, I don’t think you really care) so I’m proposing that I answer the following questions instead.
  • Do you have any cats, and if so what are their names?
  • What are the best live gigs you’ve been to this year?
  • What music should I be listening to right now?
  • I heard you recently bought some kayaks; do you have photos?
  • How many hilarious t-shirts do you have, and which is your favorite?
  • If I took you out to eat where would we go, and are you free for dinner Friday?
  • Can you explain why roundabouts are vastly superior to four-way stops?
  • Would you like a cup of tea?
Are these the burning questions which keep you awake? Would you like to pose a different question below?

Jun 26 2014

West Michigan Music Sampler from Revue Magazine

Player not showing up? Listen on Bandcamp.

Jun 23 2014


The shit from your past is the fertilizer for your future.
Unknown author

Jun 21 2014
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Jun 21 2014

Jun 18 2014
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The chances of anything coming form Mars were a million to one they said.

Jun 18 2014
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…i tried to run and hide, but Jesus touched me down inside…
Who says the devil has all the best tunes?

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